About us

BBTREE (BiggBanyanTree)

is an EdTech start-up. Our constant endeavour is to provide a platform that focuses on the holistic approach of an individual. We strongly believe & support the right to education and our platform helps you learn comfortably, in a safe, secure environment & helps you transform your life in meaningful ways. Our aim is to help you reach your goals and pursue your dreams.

Education in 21st century is about giving students the skills they need to succeed in this new world, and helping them grow the confidence to practice those skills. We at BBTREE are committed to deliver this via our state of the art platform.

What sowed the seed?

Basis the surveys we conducted during the pandemic, we at BBTREE understood that our online time & presence had increased multiple folds. Kids as well as grown-ups, were spending a lot of time online for their regular academics, tuitions and work etc. And because of this, there was a lot of talk about the repercussions this increased online time would have. Hence we had to think of an ‘out of the box’ solution. This paved way for us to come up with an app that has everything except basic academics or software development etc. The plan was to have an app that will have:

  • Various engagement as well as learning sessions for kids.
  • Multiple ‘fun & learn’ sessions for school & college goers to prep them to become better individuals, pursue hobbies and choose career options wisely. Be future ready.
  • Many unorthodox learnings for millennials to make them better professionals and excel in their respective careers.

After 4 months of rigorous and in-depth planning and working, we were finally able to bring forth the much awaited platform in the form of BBTREE.

Sessions & courses BBTREE offers, help individuals become creative, explore various creative options professionally, activate dormant or hidden portions of the mind by putting on the thinking cap, become confident individuals & professionals, increase logical reasoning and manage career or professional life with ease. Sessions & courses on BBTREE are unique and for people from all walks of life.

We believe our trainees & end-users need nothing but the best and hence there is a lot of emphasis on quality teachings & learnings that are offered on the platform. We at BBTREE have ensured that we have the “best in the business” teachers on our platform to help, cascade & spread their learnings to our valued subscribers.

If not academics, what does BBTREE cover?

After doing extensive market research and analysis, we at BBTREE were able to zero down on the need of the hour. The need of the hour was not an application that helps end users with academics or software development. The need of the hour was to have a platform that manages and covers various engagement sessions for kids, beginner/ intermediate sessions for school and college goers and have various personal and professional development sessions for millennials. The need of the hour was for kids to have some fun and learning sessions which would ease their stress & burden and help them grow to become better individuals. Since there were restrictions in moving out of the houses, the need of the hour was to provide with sessions which help build an individual or professional, help them learn in a fun way and also take care of their professional requirements, especially of the millennials.

We believe learning is infinite and for all, hence our platform brings skilled teachers and trainees from across the globe on the same platform and spread learning. The teachers & trainers on-board have gone through an extensive shortlisting process and only those with exceptional skills could make it on the platform.

What stands us apart?

  • Customised learning programs to suit users from all walks of life
  • Meaningful learning
  • Learn anytime & anywhere
  • Boost creativity & logical reasoning
  • Empower to become better individuals & professionals
  • Best in the Industry teachers & trainers

Happy Learning!