Importance of Online Learning The concept of education has changed drastically in the last few years. Especially owing to the current situation, education has completely shifted online. In such a scenario, it is imperative for the teachers as well as the students to adapt to this change. With the increase in usage of internet and the introduction of new technologies, classroom hasn’t remained the only learning option.

As long as you have access to a gadget and a working internet connection, you can explore and learn from the comfort of your home. We have entered an era- the revolution of online learning and education.

Let us look at the importance of online learning:

  1. It is flexible: Online learning is flexible in terms of time, space, learning environment, etc. The trainer as well as the student can set their own pace and they also have the flexibility of scheduling classes as per their convenience. Online learning allows you to balance between your studies/ job and your courses. It also helps you in learning some time management skills.
  2. It offers a wide range of courses: The internet is vast and the opportunities are immense. There are infinite courses which you can teach and learn. From music to statistics, there are options for every type of student. These online courses can help you attain certifications, diploma or even a degree without physically being present at the university campus.
  3. It is easily accessible: Earlier, the problem with joining a course used to be that not every course was available in the student’s vicinity. It would become difficult to travel to far off places to learn something and that meant, time wastage in commuting. With the advent of technology and the introduction of online courses, you can learn from anywhere and everywhere you want only with the availability of a gadget and an internet connection.
  4. It provides a customized experience: Online learning provides more scope for one-to-one sessions or doubt clearing classes. This allows for greater interaction and more feedback between the student and the trainer. The study material is also more extensive as compared to offline classes. In online classes, you have an access to videos, photos and e-books.
  5. It is cost effective: Online learning is more affordable than offline one. You also get a greater number of payment options and also get the option of paying in installments. There is no money spent on commuting or buying study notes.

The above listed are only a few reasons to choose online learning. If you want convenience and better options of learning in today’s time, then you should surely consider online learning.

Online Education In India According to a recent study in a global level online education program, after the United States, India has been reported to have the second highest number of online course enrolments with more than over 1,55,000 students from the country. Of a total of around 1.2 million students worldwide, 32% are from the U.S while 15% are from India. These students now have access to the best courses from all

around the globe to be skilled in these domains. A number of renowned universities are now offering online distance education, bringing world class instructors and professors to educate the students. Courses like MBA, MSc, MCA, BA (Hons), Executive MBA, Retail and Digital Marketing can all be taken up online.

Importance: As to every debate, both supporting and denying opinions co-exist in this regard. One opinion states that even though online education is progressing, it cannot be a substitute to classroom learning, while the other one supports and accepts the benefits and significance of online education. The second opinion alone has influenced the outlook towards the traditional education system.

The best part about online education is that the students in India are enthusiastic about this concept. They want to prove their skills and capabilities while learning in an advanced and interactive environment. Online education has taken away the geographical and financial barriers for receiving quality education.

Increase in employment is another important aspect of this revolution. With Online education, skilful trainers and teachers can expand their reach. Students in India can receive education by the top notch professors and instructors in the world.

Online education provides professionals with the flexibility to improve and update their skill set while working simultaneously. This helps them in staying updated about the existing advancements and technologies. Online education serves to be a time saving and cost effective procedure for any career.

Virtual is the new normal The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we have always carried out our daily activities. Meetings have gone from board rooms to online video calling applications, schools have shifted from classrooms to online, shopping has shifted from malls to online platforms and the list goes on. Gradually we are accepting this change and are adjusting to virtual, which is the new normal.

There has been a revolution in the education and learning sector as well. Due to this digital shift, people living in remote areas have also got access to education and learning.

Virtual is the future. Knowledge is now just a mouse click away. We need to embrace this change, nurture it and make it a habit. Instead of blaming it on the present condition, we need to gear ourselves for this change and try to utilize this to the best of our abilities.

Online: Opportunity or challenge?

Online is more of an opportunity than a challenge. Online media contains a pool of resources which we can make use of sitting in the comfort of our homes. There is a huge list of things we can do online. Everybody became an amateur chef in the lockdown. They simply browsed through recipes which are available online on blogs or in the form of videos, tried their hands at few and savored some amazing delicacies. School has completely shifted online. Now students can attend classes, sit for their tests and participate in events, all sitting at their home. Offices have moved online. Organizations which never believed in the idea of work from home are now successfully completing projects sitting at home.

But it is not wrong to say that all this came with many obstacles. There were several challenges that people faced, especially in the beginning of this phase. School teachers had never taught online so they did not know how to create presentations or work on complex software. Organizations which were always against the idea of work from home, found it difficult to manage teams and deadlines.

But this was temporary. Soon everybody grew used to the new normal and adapted new ways & techniques of learning and working. We do not know for how long this is going to stay like this but we surely know that virtual is here to stay for a long, long time or maybe forever. So, it is the need of the hour to embrace ourselves and try to utilize the virtual opportunity and make the most out of it.