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What you learn?

This is a Complimentary LIVE Demo Session of Vedic Mathematics Course for the students who are interested to enroll. This session will help you to get an idea of what actually Vedic Maths is; and you yourself will witness the power of Vedic Maths within 1 hr. I bet you that you will be AMAZED by just attending the Demo Session of 1 hour and would have never found Maths so easy ever. I assure you that your child will be able to do fast mental calculations with full ease and confidence. This Demo Session will make your child fall in love with Mathematics.

Why Vedic Maths is important?

  • Increases Speed and Accuracy upto 10 -15 times - It will help the students save a lot of time during examinations.
  • Become a mental calculator yourself - Students will be able to solve the Maths problems mentally without paper and pen.
  • Improved Academic Performance - Get better marks/grades in school academics, Maths Olympiads and quizzes.
  • Eradicates fear of Maths completely - So, if your child has Math-Phobia, Vedic Maths is the fun-filled way to do Maths and arises interest in your child.
  • It reduces the burden of memorizing difficult concepts - No need of memorizing the tables anymore. 

Session Details:

  • 1 hour LIVE Demo
  • FREE of cost
  • Highly Interactive class

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