Physical Fitness and Activity Club (Fun Fitness)

Petit Learners (3 to 6 years)



What you learn?

Physical Fitness and Activity Club (PFA Club)

In this 4 weeks flex course, students will investigate and apply the basic concepts and principles of lifetime physical fitness and other health-related factors. There will be a Fitness program for children to provide a solid platform for their overall development.


  • Class Experience

Instead of seeing this as just another course, this class will be a 60-minute unique blend of fun and fitness activities that have designed steps to ensure that children have a holistic approach to being fit.

  • Warm-up

Firstly, we begin with a prayer like sitting in a Sukhasana position, taking a few minutes to sit quietly to calm down children's busy mind and body so that they can easily focus on the tasks ahead of them.

Then we use music and movement to do the warm-up in an engaging, simple, and a light-hearted way to wiggle their bodies and emotions and to get them in momentum.

  • Core exercises

Narration and explanation of stories will be done to include core exercises to increase their balance, flexibility, endurance, agility, and speed while using various animal yoga poses.

  • Games 

Then we include different types of games to develop their eye-hand coordination, analytical reasoning, and problems solving skills and confidence.

  • Cool-down 

All classes end with cool-downs with chants of Om which gives them calmness and relaxation.

After including all these fun elements in the class, children will enjoy themselves while learning different exercises without missing their outdoor play.

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