Weekend Fun - Brain Teasers for Kids

Nova Learners (7 to 15 years)



What you learn?

Adding daily brain teasers to your fitness regiment so your mind can be as in shape as your body. Research has shown that a dexterous brain makes for happier, healthier, people in general. 

Doing some type of mental exercise, in the form of brain teasers or word and number games can:

  • Boost overall brain activity
  • Increase your memory power
  • Keep your mind sharp
  • Think outside of the box
  • Reduce the risk, and slow the decline, of dementia
  • Improve memory and brain processing speed
  • Reduce boredom
  • Improve concentration

Time: 1 hour session(each)
Days: Saturday & Sunday

To know more, please write to support@biggbanyantree.com OR call 971 777 3450

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