Fun With Phonics - A Roller Coaster Ride

Petit Learners (3 to 6 years)



What you learn?

What is the first word / letter that the child speaks? It is Ma. This is not taught by anyone or told to him/her to speak out. This is something inborn and natural. The child is always surrounded by his mother. The smile on the mother's face when he speaks 'Maa' is something that cannot be described in words. 

When a child becomes a toddler, he is introduced to the School. At first , toddlers are reluctant to attend the schools, because they will be staying away from their familiar surroundings and people. But later on as and when the time passes, they enjoy coming to school and playing and interacting with their friends and teachers. 
The first thing introduced to them is Phonics- Sounds of the alphabets. All of them know the alphabets from A to Z. But their sounds are very important. When they know the sounds, only then can they correlate two alphabets or three alphabets together. They will only understand word formation if they know the phonics. 

There are various ways and means to teach Phonics to kids. As a teacher, I believe in involving myself with the kids. Always put yourself in their shoes. Only then they will accept you and enjoy with you. So here I am to play with them, laugh with them and learn with them. I believe that ' A CHILD'S MIND IS LIKE A PARACHUTE. IT WILL ONLY FUNCTION WHEN ITS OPEN '. I am here to open up their minds and create wonderful chronicles so that the hidden Bedrock of their minds can come up and see the beautiful world. 

Lets learn phonics in a different way. A way in which a child can understand, have fun and eventually learn. Lets go in the Roller Coaster Ride of Phonics.

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