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What you learn?

Vedic Addition using Vedic Mathematics 

This course is designed and imparted by a CERTIFIED TRAINER from Indian Institute of Vedic Mathematics and Abacus (IIVA).

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to a supposedly ancient system of calculation which was "rediscovered" from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj (1884-1960). It consists of 16 Sutras (Formulae) and 13 sub-sutras (Sub Formulae) which can be used for problems involved in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics.


  • Faster results as compared to the Western way of calculation. 
  • Eradicates fear of Math.
  • Improved Academic Performance.
  • Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence.
  • Increases your speed and accuracy.
  • Improves memory and boosts self confidence.
  • Cultivates an Interest in numbers.
  • Develops left and right sides of the brain.
  • Easy to master and apply.


  • Complementary numbers
  • Base addition 10,100,1000,10000,100000
  • Sequence addition
  • Viniculum addition
  • Digital roots
  • Series addition

Duration: 7 Days

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